Erotic Massage Courses

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Do you want to learn how to fuse massage, eroticism, seduction and sensuality? Now you can do it by taking a Sensual Massage course. You will become an expert in pleasure and a master in giving pleasure sensations through your hands and your body.

Workshops to learn erotic massage

how do do erotic massage

These workshops are aimed at developing your skills in sexual massage. It doesn’t matter what level you have, the courses are adapted to your previous knowledge, this way you will get more out of each workshop.

You can study massage on a personal level or on a professional level if you are already an erotic masseuse, or you want to work in this exciting field.

These are some of the features you will learn in our workshops:

  • Sensual Relaxing Massage
  • Activation of erogenous zones
  • Body to Body Massage
  • Tantric positions
  • Lingam massage
  • Yoni massage
  • Anal massage
  • G-spot massage
  • Female ejaculation, or squirting
  • Male ejaculation control (delaying orgasm)
  • gay massage

You decide what you want to learn and the pace you want to take the courses. Relax and enjoy the learning process. 

Remember that mastery is achieved through practice… And these massage practices are so much fun!

Lingam Massage – Erotic Massage for Men

lingam massage for men

Erotic massage for men can end with a happy ending, but there is something much better than a simple masturbation stimulating the penis and testicles. There is something in Tantra philosophy known as lingam massage, a combination of stimulation on the male genital area and the anus (prostate massage), but not gay massage. Take any man until he loses his mind of pleasure, learn to keep him at the top orgasmic, you will even be able to control the ejaculation by pressing the ‘million dollars point’, a point that stops men from ejaculating, even if they reach orgasm. Transform your husband, boyfriend or lover into a multi-orgasmic man, capable of having several orgasms in a row.

Yoni Massage – Erotic Massage for Women

yoni massage workshop

Erotic massage for women has a happy ending, but to make it something special, it is not enough to do a simple masturbation stimulating the clitoris. If you want a woman to get crazy in bed, the best way is to end the sensual massage with something that tantrics call yoni massage, which is a sacred point technique. The yoni is the G-spot, the cervix and other parts of female anatomy that will bring any woman to the most pleasant climax and the most intense orgasms. You will even get your partner to ejaculate, which is called squirting. Turn your hands into tools of pleasure.