Tantric Sex Courses

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Have you heard about Tantra and Tantric sex? I’m sure you have, but do you know what it really means? In this course you will learn to practice different sexual rituals from tantric tradition.

Sacred Sex for Couples Workshop

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The art of making love, conscious sex, touching and feeling in softness or in intensity, in the ups and downs. These are the principles of tantric sex, and you will learn them in this course of sacred sex.

Mahabakti (Tantric Oral Sex)

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The art of fellatio and tantric cunnilingus becomes a ritual of authentic devotion in tantrism. Mahabakti gives himself in the practice of oral sex, leaving aside the ego, with an empty mind and an open heart.

Maituna (Real Tantric Sex)

tantric sex maithuna course

Maituna is the highest tantric sex ritual, a harmonic union between two or more people, the balance between female and male. The practice of this sexuality can take years of preparation and hours to put into practice.

Way of the Valley Ritual

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The Way of the Valley ritual is a secret ritual of the Sivatian Tantric tradition, little known in the East and West, full of hidden treasures for non-initiates. Beginner and advanced couples know their bodies and deepest desires by surrendering to this practice.

Erotic Massage

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Erotic massage is a powerful way to start sexual contact, it allows you to make a gentle approach, and increase sexual intensity progressively. Slowness gives you an opportunity to savour the caresses, touches and sensations that run through your body.

Tantric Massage

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Tantra massage serves to initiate the mystical practices of tantrism. A conscious sex ritual requires an attitude without expectation, nor haste, so starting with massage is an excellent way to prepare for Maituna, Mahabakti or the Way of the Valley.