Erotic Massage Courses – Tantric Massage Workshops

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At Eros Massage School you will learn to enjoy yourself through massage, sensuality and eroticism. You will reach the mastery of erotic and tantric massage in a progressive way, developing your natural abilities.


erotic massage workshops

In our erotic massage workshops you will learn to play with sexual energy, through sensual massage, by body to body techniques and stimulation of all erogenous zones. These courses will provide you on a personal or professional level.


erotic massage workshops

In the Tantric massage and sexual healing workshops you will develop the skills to arouse repressed and locked sexuality, to bring about true physical, mental and spiritual liberation. These courses will provide you on a personal or professional level.


tantra workshops

You will learn how to control the sexual magic with techniques of erotic massage, tantric and sexual yoga for couples in the different workshops and tantric sex courses . Starting with conscious touch, to lingam massage, yoni massage or sacred sex rituals such as Maituna.


lingam massage for men

Learn lingam massage in our school’s Tantra seminars. Lingam is a symbol of male sexuality, the sacred phallus of Shiva. Discovering the ways to massage it and activate its points will take any man to the most intense ecstasy of his life.


yoni massage workshop

The word Yoni comes from Sanskrit, and represents female sexuality, the sacred temple of Shakti. In this course you will learn how to bring a woman to clitoral, G-spot, cervical or anal orgasms. You will also learn the techniques for female ejaculation.


sexual yoga workshop

This course is to learn sex yoga techniques, exercises that you can practice individually and as a couple. These practices will allow you to elevate your sexual energy and expand it throughout your body, reaching sublime tantric orgasms.

Real Tantra Workshops

Our workshops have been prepared by Gerard Ribó, Tantric Master, expert in tantrism with more than 10 years of experience giving massages and Tantra courses. You can visit his website of Online Tantra Courses, where you will find more information about online or face-to-face tantra and articles about Tantra, Yoga, Tantric sex, Ayurvedic medicine and more. 

We have trained many therapists in Spain and other European and American cities. If you like an example, visit Male Masseur Barcelona, this place is specialized in gay massage in Barcelona and their masseurs are excelent professionals.

You can check another example of professional erotic masseuses in London at Do not enter if you feel afraid about beauty and sensuality. Besides, you can try a sexy massage in Bilbao on Art Massage Bilbao with a Spanish massage therapy.